575 Lb Cone Magnet by Brute Magnetics

This reliable and durable neodymium magnet offers exceptional pulling force, allowing you to retrieve various treasures from underwater depths. Its cone shape and high-grade construction make it a must-have tool for any magnet fishing enthusiast, providing an exciting and rewarding experience with every cast.

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Unlock the ultimate magnet fishing experience with the powerful 575 Lb Cone Magnet by Brute Magnetics. Designed to enhance your underwater treasure-hunting adventures, this neodymium magnet boasts exceptional strength and reliability. With a diameter of 3.62 inches and a height of 0.7 inches, this cone-shaped magnet offers optimal surface area for maximum pulling force. Crafted from high-grade, durable materials, it guarantees longevity and resilience to withstand the rigors of magnet fishing.

The 575 Lb Cone Magnet is equipped with a sturdy eye bolt, making it effortless to attach your favorite rope or carabiner for secure and hassle-free retrieval. Its exceptional pulling force ensures that you can easily recover a wide range of objects, from small metallic trinkets to larger treasures hidden beneath the water’s surface. Perfect for both novice and seasoned magnet fishers, this powerful magnet will amplify your excitement and increase your chances of finding unique and valuable items.